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Arenberg Creative Mine

Arenberg Creative Mine - site minier de Wallers-Arenberg



There is no heritage without an heir! The Nord-Pas de Calais mining basin has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2012. The territory and its stakeholders are committed to the management and protection of this precious heritage with a view to passing it on to future generations. Far from freezing it, this preservation is based on the reconversion of an entire territory: the Wallers-Arenberg mining site, which has become Arenberg Creative Mine, a center of excellence dedicated to the image and digital media of the future, is the one of the great emblematic sites of this heritage reconversion.

Did you know ? In 2022, we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of 2 historically linked events: the inclusion of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais mining basin on the UNESCO World Heritage List (June 30, 2012) and the opening of this other Louvre (December 4, 2012) in Lens, feast day of Saint Barbara, patron saint of miners.

These 2 dates will be celebrated on the occasion of an anniversary year full of events and festivities to discover on



The site is open to visitors who can walk around freely, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Please note: only outdoor spaces are accessible in this case. No guide is available on site to show the interiors.

To make your walk easier, you can bring the little leaflet "ACM free visit" available for download.



The Association for the Defense and Protection of the Historical and Cultural Heritage of Wallers-Arenberg offers visits to the site with former miners on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Contacts - Information - Rates - Registration: Mr. Thierry Cottel, President

+33 (0)6 04 15 05 44 or



Professional guides from the La Porte du Hainaut Tourist Office offer several tours of the mining site.

You will not be able to descend into the galleries but an outdoor visit will allow you to visualize the grandeur of the site!


With the visit "From Pic to Pixel", our guides invite you to discover the history of the site and its conversion into a "Creative mine", around the image. This route includes the discovery of the lamp room, the permanent exhibition and the hanged room (showers and changing rooms).


New, the visit entitled "Under the petticoats of the headframes", a technical visit that allows you to understand the extraction process, the role of the headframes and shafts in mining.


Also on the program, a visit to the mining town of Arenberg "The daily life of the miner", listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the same way as the mining site, which served as a backdrop during the filming of Claude Berri's film. in 1992. The visit revolves around the life of the miner outside his working hours at the mine and the role and influence of the mining company on the miners and their families.


Prepare your visit:


by calling us on +33 (0)3 27 48 39 65, by email or by messenger on @porteduhainauttourisme


The managers of the "DeVisu laboratory" offer a tour of the recording studios and audiovisual equipment.


Also to be discovered at La Porte du Hainaut...

Mining sites of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais mining basin listed as World Heritage by UNESCO



• Denain: Fosse Mathilde, Terril Renard (no. 162),

• The Sentinel: Pit of the Sentinel, Coron of the church,

• Raismes: Sabatier headframe, Sabatier slag heap (n° 175), Sabatier town, Pinson town, Goriaux pond (and slag heap n° 171)


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Arenberg Creative Mine - site minier de Wallers-Arenberg


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