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Parc d'attractions Le Fleury

59111 Wavrechain-sous-Faulx
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perfect family park for 2 - 12 years, Le Fleury offers many attractions: train, rodeo, rides, water slides, aquascooters, baby Ploof, inflatables, playgrounds, tree climbing ... A farmhouse, a barn and even a glass spinner, and ... Fleurby Fleur'Bel, mascots of the park, will be delighted to welcome you and perhaps offer you some candy or other balloons! Price: € 12.50, attractions included! Free for children under 1 meter. See Fleury for dates and times of opening from April to September.
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  • Parc d'attractions Le Fleury 2 - Wavrechain-sous-Faulx
  • Parc d'attractions Le Fleury 2 - Wavrechain-sous-Faulx