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Maison de la Typographie

rue de Valenciennes
59198 Haspres
Phone : +33 (0)6 09 88 44 91
The museum is located in the space Mitterrand, rue de Valenciennes in Haspres, the entrance is on the right side (arrow). Typography is Gutenberg 's typeface printing method around 1450. This process will be printed for more than 500 years. In this space, you will discover the important collection of characters, the machines and other tools essential to this trade. Finally you will learn to compose a text. Opening on Saturday morning, 10am. at 12. Possibility of other niches by appointment. Contact: Michel Moreau on +33 (0)
  • Maison de la Typographie 1 - Haspres
  • Maison de la Typographie 1 - Haspres