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Pelouse métallicole

Rue Fernig
59158 Mortagne-du-Nord
Mortagne-du-Nord, metal lawn A little softness with the world of flowers! A look at nature in Mortagne-du-Nord… Did you know? A pretty town in the Scarpe-Escaut Regional Nature Park, located north of the territory of La Porte du Hainaut at the confluence of the Scarpe and the Scheldt, Mortagne-du-Nord has a so-called “metal” lawn. Located in rue Fernig towards Château l'Abbaye, this voluntary nature reserve has developed on a former slag heap. The presence of heavy metals in the soil gives rise to exceptional flora, such as Haller's Armory, Haller's Arabette, humble Silenus, or even Agrostis, which offer their most beautiful flowering in spring! Are you one of the lucky ones who live within a radius of 10 km around Mortagne-du-Nord? A detour is essential to admire them up close! Otherwise, a nice walk to schedule after confinement!
  • Pelouse métallicole 1 - Mortagne-du-Nord
  • Pelouse métallicole 1 - Mortagne-du-Nord