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Bassin Rond, entre terre et eau

Centre Départemental et de Plein Air 403, rue Henri Deshays
59111 Bouchain
Do you want a peaceful setting to fill up with oxygen and relaxation? Do you know the Bassin Rond in Bouchain? Near the Cambrésis, a 5 km course along the banks invites you to go back in time ... A bit of history! On this old water station, fitted out to allow the connection between the Scheldt and the Sensée, the French and Belgian mariners sometimes met there for six to ten days before crossing the lock of Iwuy (near Cambrai) . The opportunity for them during this wait, to stock up for their trip. Local commerce was flourishing! Grocers, brewers, craftsmen working for the inland waterway industry, were gathered there as well as many taverns. From 1900 to 1930, up to 150 barges were parked in spikes at the water station, before being directed to Valenciennes, Cambrai or Douai. Whether it is with the family for a stroll or in sport mode for the bravest, you will find what you are looking for! And if you feel like becoming a captain of your boat, head to the Center Départemental de Plein Air du Bassin Rond, a unique sailing school! To find out more, meet last summer with Guillaume Osiadacz, director of the CDPA:
  • Bassin Rond, entre terre et eau 1 - Bouchain
  • Bassin Rond, entre terre et eau 1 - Bouchain