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FEM, sculptures de Chantal CHEUVA

  • Cultural
  • Exhibition
Until Sunday 17 Jan
Phone 03 27 22 24 55
Address Musée de la Tour abbatiale Grand'Place 59230 Saint-Amand-les-Eaux
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This artist, who has been sculpting for over forty years, revisits the female body to offer us both its power and its weakness. FEM: A series of 19 sculptures by Chantal CHEUVA all brought together for the first time in the region, in the same place! FEM: Three letters to sum up the exhibition of Chantal CHEUVA, sculptor at Mouvaux, near Lille and a motto “get to the point”. FEM: Femmes En Marche… towards their destiny. But where are the women of Chantal CHEUVA going? They walk towards their destiny… Confronted with anxieties, torments, but also at lighter and serene moments, they offer a panel of the different stages of life, from adolescence to old age, without artifice, in their nudity, their vulnerability, their fragile human being. The artist fashively shapes them in clay, creates the plaster molds which she then takes to a bronze foundry in Belgium. She does not seek to show women under a realistic approach but to express their feelings through movement and postures in order to create the emotion which in her too is on the surface. Through her creations which she likes to make by series, Chantal Cheuva restores the feeling of women's stories of which she has collected testimonies, secrets. This privileged moment of meetings and exchanges on their life made of tears, joys, love, trials, gives pride of place to dialogue, complicity and sharing. Alone but all together they help each other and forge links. Expressionist sculptures Chantal Cheuva, expressionist sculptor, undertakes a large-scale project focused on a group of women, from adolescence to middle age, all on their way to their future, which depicts postures based on movement and on expressions. The hands and feet, exaggeratedly enlarged, the faces on which Chantal Cheuva lingers, give all their strength to these women. This distortion strengthens their expressive aspect and makes their inner feelings spring up by eclipsing the physical image that they can send back. A technique From earth to bronze His gesture is rapid, almost sketched, the volume is just, the forms elongated. The body parts are always in their place. The face is enormously worked. The hands and feet are oversized, to show their anchoring in life. In the earth, it inserts wood, tow, sometimes cans, pots. Then she shapes the dark, chamotte clay (containing grains) and then makes the molds before going to the bronze foundry of Sara de Groeve in Merelbeke, in Belgium which will offer a beautiful nuanced patina to the sculptures. Free entry An entertainment program for all is offered. In attachment find all the information! Downloadable document. Photo: © Do.Descamps
Until Sun 17 Jan 2021
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